# Linear Scale

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Machine Tool Optical Linear Scale Measurement Machine Scales

The ULS series linear scales are with advanced structure design, using vertical bearing design for optical grating linear transducer in the slide carrier, ensure the optical sensor running smoothly and stably on the scale.

The ULS series linear scales are effective for stain, oil resistance, it is the best liner scales isers can use on milling machines, grinding, lathe, EDMs, wire cut and measuring system,etc.

All scales are tested before releasing, ensures the reliability of every single scale for the users.

Bearing of the slider

NSK bearing are used in the reader head slider, ensures high accuracy and stability. Lower noise and longer life cycle.

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Infrared LED

Using high performance infrared LED, stable lighting performance, the optoelectronic shifting value up to more than 60%, increase the using hours.

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Subdivision IC

Using German IC, strong performance, high accuracy and outstanding transferring effect.

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Using US precise potentiometer, high resolution, wide resistance value range, reliable and with small size.

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The ULS series optical linear scale is widely used in milling machines, griding, lathe, EDMs, wire cut and measuring system, etc.

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The ULS series used on a vison measuring machine.

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