# FLEXFIX CMM & VMM Fixturing System

# CMM Fixture product

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12x50 mm support rod

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12x30 mm support rod

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16x50 mm support rod

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16x30 mm support rod

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20x50 mm support rod

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20x30 mm support rod

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12x20 mm support rod

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16x20 mm support rod

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20x20 mm support rod

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Spring Plungers

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Universal Joint with Damping
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Height adjustable support
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Magnetic support rod

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Flat end strut

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Male Connector

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Bottom plate fastener

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V-shaped support

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Movable support block

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Medium pressure plate

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Small Chuck

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Long pressing plate

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Short pressing plate

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Aluminum tapered support
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Nylon tapered support

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108 PCS Set

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The Flexfix fixtures series are widely used in varies industries such as electronics, aerospace, automotive, plastic or medical care. It can be introduced to all sizes and models of CMM and VMM. They are the tools which make your measuring process flexible, repeatable, and standardized.

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Modular Fixturing for your CMM

FlexFix series CMM fixtures system is designed and developed to help CMM users to improve the reproducibility and accuracy of the inspection process by providing quick and repeatable fixturing set-ups for the components. FlexFix series CMM fixtures are modular and can be expanded with user s requirements to provide a complete fixturing solution for any part regardless of its size, shape or material. For multiple applications such as electronics, aerospace, automotive, plastic or medical care, the FlexFix series can provide a full solution to the CMM fixturing requirements. The series offers fixture plates with M8 threaded fittings in a wide choice of standard sizes, which are made of high accurate aluminum material and with complex manufacturing process, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the system. Perfect fixturing solutions can be assembled very quickly without any tools to increase throughput and avoid delays in inspection. The fixture plates are offering an alphanumeric grid pattern and each

Choosing your fixturing kit

Flexfix series CMM fixtures are sold as kits to make a easy starting. A kit consists of one base board and a comprehensive set of components. We are offering different sizes option for the base plates and user should select the suitable one based on the CMM machine size and measuring requirement.

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CMM Fixtures Components

The Flexfix series Fixturing components are designed to hold components firmly with the minimum necessary force and without any special tools, all components are with different function including supporting, clamping or pressing. The reasonable design allows to avoid damage or distortion on the measuring part. With these flexible components users are able to create different type of fixturing combination for varies of parts. Also it is easy to set up a clear probe path of 3D measuring.

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CMM base plates

Multiple sizes of base plates are available for option for the Flexfix series CMM fixtures. Which allows wide range of application for different size of CMM and also satisfying different size of components fixturing requirement.
A complex manufacturing process is required for the CMM fixtures base plates which includes CNC machining, precision grinding, anodise coating, and laser marking, to make the plates with high accuracy, flatness and reliability. And except the standard sizes we also offer customized sizes and threads holes.
The fixture plates are offering an alphanumeric grid pattern and each fixturing component has its part number easily visible. It makes the user set-up can be fully defined and documented by recording the assembly and location of each of the fixturing components, so that the same set-up can be quickly and accurately reproduced for subsequent inspections.
Plates sizes:
400*300mm, M8 Threaded holes
400*400mm, M8 Threaded holes
500*500mm, M8 Threaded holes
600*600mm, M8 Threaded holes
Other customized sizes

Components list

Item Mark Qty.
12*50mm Standoff 80001 6
12*30mm Standoff 80002 6
16*50mm Standoff 80003 6
16*30mm Standoff 80004 6
20*50mm Standoff 80005 6
20*30mm Standoff 80006 6
12*20mm Standoff 80007 6
12*20mm Standoff 80008 6
20*20mm Standoff 80009 6
Pusher clamp 800010 2
Screw pusher clamp 800011 2
Adjustable pivot joint 800012 2
Adjustable jack stand 800013 2
Magnet 800014 4
Pin Standoff 800015 2
Adaptor 800016 6
Base board screw 800017 2
V post 800018 2
Screws 800019 4
Adjustable slide 800020 8
Tenshion clamp 800021 4
Hold down clamp 800024 2
Short tension clamp support 800022 2
Long tension clamp support 800023 2
Cone 800025 2
Nylon cone 800026 3
Screw driver 800027 2
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VMM fixtures

The vision measurement machine application is always coming with varies of different parts with different shapes or materials. Some are even without any effective reference plane to be correctly located on the work stage. Developing specific fixtures for each component should be with low efficiency and high cost. So we have developed the Flexfix series VMM fixtures kit and base plates, to help users saving time and cost but also be able to achieve fast and reliable fixturing during the VMM measuring process. The Flexfix series helps to improve the throughput, reproducibility and accuracy of the inspection process with quick and repeatable fixturing set-ups.

VMM fixture kits

The Flexfix series VMM fixtures are designed as a complete components kit. We have studied most of the VMM measuring application from our experience of VMM users, and have taken reference to different types of parts, to develop the fixtures kit components. The kit is including supporting, pressing, and holding components, which allow the user to manage the fixturing easily and no special tools as required. Regardless of shapes or materials, user can easily find the fixturing solution during measuring process.

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Fixture kits Components

All components are made by precision manufacturing process and with anodise coating. Each part is with laser marking coding, so all the combination of the components can be repeatable for the subsequent inspections. Which helps to eliminate the variation of different parts or operators, and increasing the measuring accuracy and repeatability.

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CMM base plates

For VMM measuring needs contour measuring application under most circumstances, we create the VMM fixtures base plate with high transmittance and flatness acrylic material, which to ensure the straight light path from the contour light, keeping the original measuring accuracy of the machine.

Metal M4 screw threads are mounted inside the base plate, the components can be firmly fixed and highly increase the life cycle of the base plate.

Also an L type magnetic fast mounting corner is offered, user only needs to put and measure, which largely increase the measuring efficiency.

Base plates sizes
300*200mm, M4 threads
400*300mm, M4 threads
300*300mm, M4 threads
400*400mm, M4 threads
Customized sizes

Components list

Item Mark Qty.
Tenshion clamp 90001 4
Short Wire tenshion clamp 90002 4
Long Wire tenshion clamp 90003 4
Short tension clamp support 90004 8
Long tension clamp support 90005 3
6*5mm Standoff 90006 3
6*10mm Standoff 90007 6
6*25mm Standoff 90008 6
9*5mm Standoff 90009 3
9*10mm Standoff 90010 6
9*20mm Standoff 90011 6
9*25mm Standoff 90012 6
12*10mm Standoff 90013 6
12*25mm Standoff 90014 6
6*10mm Flat Standoff 90015 4
9*10mm Flat Standoff 90016 4
12*10mm Flat Standoff 90017 4
9mm adjustable Standoff 90018 2
6mm ball type Standoff 90019 2
Multi direction Adaptor 90020 2
Tension sopport screw 90021 2
L block 90022 1
Adjustable slide 90023 4
Direction switching block 90024 1
Direction switching block base 90025 1
Tension sopport 90026 1
M4 to M8 adaptor 90027 4
Transparent adjustable slide 90028 8
M3 screw driver 90029 1
Components packing plate
M4*10 screws (20 pcs)
Packing suitcase

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