# Accuracer series

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ACCURACER Series High Accuracy CNC Automatic Vision Measurement Machine

ACCURACER series VMM is a powerful measuring device which is developed based on the requirement of very high accuracy measuring application. The whole machine including working stage is using granite material, ensures much higher rigidity, minimize the influence to the measuring accuracy by the environment temperature changing. The ACCURACER series is standard with Renishaw linear scales, HD camera, auto zoom lens, close-loop Panasonic servo motors and drivers, to provide the best combination performance of image, light path and motion control, which improves the measuring accuracy.


Models AR 300 AR 400 AR 500 AR 600
Dimension(mm)(L x W x H) 840 × 620 × 1680 1000 × 720 × 1680 1200 × 820 × 1680 1400 × 1020 × 1680
Measuring Rang(mm)(X x Y x Z) 300 × 200 × 200 400 × 300 × 200 500 × 400 × 200 600 × 500 × 200
Measuring Accuracy (μm) 2.3+ L/200 2.3+ L/200 2.3+ L/200 2.5+ L/200
Repeatability(μm) 2.3 2.3 2.3 2.5
Weight(Kg) 450 kg 530 kg 650 kg 730 kg
Image & Measuring Camera Industrial grade color camera
Lens Manual dented zoom lens 0.7 - 4.5X / Auto zoom lens 1 - 10X
Magnification 18 - 195X ( For reference only. With different camera and lens the magnification will be different. )
Field of view 8.1~1.3mm
Working distance 108mm
Linear Scale resolution 0.1µm
Driving System CNC control, close-loop AC Servo driving system, joystick, mouse or keyboard control
Illumination Programmable 8 sections LED ring surface light, parallel LED contour light, 40 section LED ring light, co-axial light, movable multi color ring light for option

RationalVue Measuring software

Thanks to the light weight structure design, the RIDER series vision measurement machine is offering much wider application range. The RIDER series is able to be used in labs, QC rooms, even R&D center which has really limit space as a desk top precise measuring device. In the mean time, the outstanding measuring accuracy of the RIDER series makes it more adaptable to strict measuring requirement. It is a powerful measuring device for metals, electronics, 3C products, PCB or plastic industries etc.

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Comparison based on multiple 3D format

The software allows users to input 3D files of Iges format or CAD files of DXF format. The CAD file can be used for guiding measuring, guiding the software to do comparison between the theoretical values and the measuring results, which increases the measuring efficiency by 2-3 times. The CAD inputting allows the software to achieve ISO geometric tolerance measuring function such as position tolerance, profile tolerance for curve or curved surface.

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Supporting laser sensor measuring

The RationalVue software is supporting the KEYENCE and Panasonic laser sensors. RationalVue is offering professional laser measuring function, allows the users to set pace and achieve non-contact measuring function automatically, complete the calculation of height, flatness and profile tolerance of the curved surface

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Measure height and flatness by focusing

Thanks to the advanced focusing algorithm from RationalVue, the machine can achieve fast and precise focus operation to the parts, finish the focusing process within 2-3 seconds. The repeatability of the focusing can be up to 0.003mm, which is able to be used for measuring of height or flatness.

Special edge measuring

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Burrs filtering
RationalVue is able to filter the burrs of the measuring parts edge, increase the measuring accuracy. RationalVue is able to filter the burrs of the measuring parts edge, increase the measuring accuracy


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Edge sharpen
Self-developed advanced edge sharpen function, ensures the software can precisely detected blurry edge or edge with large burrs, which ensures the real automatic measuring function.