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The Akira products are widely used in different industries such as metals, molding, PCB, electronics, plastic, pressing, horological industry, automobiles, and LCD. Our products are trusted partners in the process of quality control, product design and process control in customers’ factories.

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Akira Metro is pleased to announce that our First demo machine,Trooper will now arrive at show room (Teparak).

CNC automatic VMM is the new launched latest upgraded products , which offer outstanding measuring performance. The full TROOPER series is standard with high accuracy linear slide way, which ensures much more stable transmitting performance and high measuring accuracy. With the External-Array RationalVue composite measuring software, the TROOPER series is capable to offer powerful 2D/3D composite measuring function. Multi types of non-contact sensors and fast fixturing system are for option, which can satisfy different measuring requirement from different customers.

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We have been in metrology industry for more than 10 years

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Reasonable cost

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